Friday, August 28, 2009

A day sick

A lane off Grafton St

A fine building off Leeson St.

It is a bank holiday in the UK and here I am at home sick.

Last night I did not feel great and when I got up to have an Alka Seltzer I got sick and it continued to get sick thought the night until I was empty, so today is a day of rest.

I got a chance to read the papers and I read about that famous Italian Village called Casalattico, between Roma and Napoli. It is from this village that the Macari,Borza,Morille,Fuiscardi and Fusco families came to Ireland to make fish and chips for the hungry Irish.
One other very famous person fron the area was the hotel magnate Charles Forte.
Fish and chips are not an Italian dish, they learned their trade from Scotland and England. One shop opens and becomes a success, the owner sends for his cousin to run it and starts another one. Reminds one of how the Irish started "speakeasies"in the days of American Prohibition.
Every summer the streets of the town would be full of Irish cars as the emigrants came home. Now the Italians have become more integrated into Irish society so the great grandchildren might not even speak Italian. Early on the grandchildren would spend summers with their grandparents in Italy.
Now the grandparents are gone.
The streets are quiet this summer and the population of the village is falling, the dream of gong "Home" for many is failing as they now prefer to spent their twilight years with their grandchildren in Ireland.
They told the story of Ireland playing Italy in Bari, the locals went to the match in 3 buses wearing Irish and Italian shirts, some Italian on the back and Irish in front. On arrival the police did not know which end of the stadium to send them.

The Irish are a strange lot. When the fans arrived for Italia 90 they were put into pens to be processed, one person went"Baaa" then another until everyone was baaing like sheep, the police just opened the pens and let them out. Irish fans can sit side by side at sporting events, (except with the English)our passion goes no further than the game.
It would be quite a place to visit one day, I am sure you would get a warm Irish welcome.

I found a magazine on its way to the bin about an AEG which lost 4 1/2 TRILLION $US
Now one million is about the size of a pack of 6 orange juice cartons.
A billion is 6 pallets of $100 bills
A trillion was around 25 by 30 rows of pallets of money.
Loses were being shown as profits and loads of fancy underwriting was going on in the housing market.
Then when it all became unstuck they got bailed out.
No one went to jail, they got bonuses and the money just went.

I treminded me of the big Enron scandal a few years ago.

Seems to me like bailing out the banks is not such a good idea after all.
Perhaps we should send Viper debt repossessions around to a few of their fancy houses to recoup a few of the billions owed, rather than ask people on falling incomes to bail them out.
The property developers made millions selling overpriced houses to our kids,a debt that they may never be able to pay off.
Remember the advertisements, "Get your mum and dad to remortgage their house to give you ahand on to the property ladder"
The government are in the pockets of the property developers,all the tribunals have shown us that,so resist the chance to support the bad bank NAMA national asset management agency. A bebt or bad loan is not an asset.

Lets not go down the route of AEG or Enron.

Oh yes and a green tax is just a tax,if they wanted to help the planet thy would buy the Amazon rain forest and stop it being strippd bare.
That place is the lungs of the earth,it has to be protected.

This is Not quite the finish I thought this would be !

Well what did you think?

Here is something not quite as bad.

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