Friday, November 12, 2010

Speed camera Blitz?

Big yellow sand bags still line the mall in Clontarf

Could this be a camera to catch the drivers turning left?
The cameras are on the top of metal poles behind the no turn left sign they are the size of a small torch

Speed cameras will be rolling out in the next few days, a private company.

Well I took a trip out this morning and went back to my fixing up job by 11 am.
First job of the day was that wonderful Polish girl who was bullied out of her last job. It was very upsetting to both of us at the time, but when you Google bullying at work there is a lot of legislation in place to protect workers.
She is so lucky as she found another job, so I am her official lucky mascot.
She tells me things about Poland when we meet that I never knew.
Like the biggest statue of Jesus in the world, built at a time when people were starving.

A clever girl she will go far in life.

Don't Google it ASK ME (T shirt)

I had a guy who worked in Google the other day. He was from Lebanon.

"It must be a great place to live in, all that whole area is so important to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike,living by the rules of Love thy brother etc,"

Yes indeed if a space man came down he would think he had landed in hell for sure.

Everyone killing each other.

Religion me arse.

I had just dropped her off when I was stopped by a German couple heading for Trinity college. The man was really taken by my Prius engine management system which is in Japanese.
I bought it in Japan from IBC, a very interesting exercise. I just took a look and they have 6 pages of Toyota Priuses for sale. They do left hand drive as well, you have to specify if you want that.
The Japanese drive on the left !
I can't find the number of cars they sell per week, I think it is 12,000 to 63 countries.

Anyhow I only went 50 yards when I picked up again 2 girls one from Portugal and Hungary (I think) One being dropped off on the way to City West. A €20 fare.
It is a big problem working so far from the city.

Well perhaps if you planned your day you could go by bus,then where would I be?.

But young people and mornings? Need I say more.

On the way home I passed through Ballyfermot and saw all the posters and banners "Vote for Mary Byrne" She is a Tesco check out operator and an X factor star.
As I don't watch TV I looked it up on you tube.

Wow that girl can fairly wallop out a song.

Just coming back to my house when an S type Jaguar in front of me started doing strange things..I blasted the horn,but as I drove past she waved at me to stop.
I thought she was looking for directions but she wanted me to take her to the airport. She turned and went back to her house and parked the car.
"Quick as you can I only have 15 minutes to be there"
Whatever you do NEVER fall for that. Just go there at a fair speed, they will not pay your speeding fines or take the penalty points on their licence.
She had a big and small case, the effort was to check in the big bag first, we made it. Her problem was, and it was good thinking. That if she had to park the car she would surely miss her flight.
I have a son who misses flights all the time, some people are removed from time.
In case you are wondering I carried in her bag to the check in desk and the fare was €17.60 I got €20 and gave €2.40 change.

Tipping is like wiping your backside when you have a crap, some people just don't finish the job and they just stink.

As long as they are polite it doesn't really matter. You never know what is going on in peoples lives.
One old guy who rides in my taxi all the time never tips, never ever, then one Christmas he gives me €50 !
All your tips together.

Happy Christmas.

Any time I have done my very best they don't pay even on a double or quits basis.

Leave the fast driving to the guy in the Taxi movie.

The other day there was a big shot from the EU over here trying to tell our boys how to do business.
He went into the office of the EU on Molesworth st. just as I was driving past.
All the press men were leaning over to take photos through the window.
50 yards up the road was a TV camera, a proper big one, with no one around.
"Quick grab that camera and put it in the taxi" I said to my Chinese passinger.
After 2 seconds the penny dropped and we had a good laugh at the thought of the film crew returning to find the camera gone!

What good would life be if you couldn't laugh or dance

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