Sunday, April 10, 2011

London Spring 2011

Terminal 2 where journeys begin and end.

Victoria station

Westminster Abbey

Battersey power station, the biggest brick built structure in the world.

So on Thursday we flew out for Gatwick near London and a quick hop by train and we were in Victoria station.
Luggage placed in left luggage 8 quid per bag.
We bought Oyster cards which allows you to travel on bus and underground.
When you need more credit you top the card up.

Then we went to Westminster Abbey to pray for success for out mission.
We don't do things by halves in our house.
All pomp and ceremony, I took a photo later and was scolded for using a camera,even though it was my partner beside a monument to one of her relations. (I kid you not)

So I suppose the Royal wedding will not be televised if there are NO CAMERAS ALLOWED.

Well I mean fair play for all, if I can't film. You can't film.!

Well we saw some strange things and met many wonderful people for sure.
More to follow.

The weather was fantastic too.


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