Sunday, April 03, 2011

Mothers day

Louis Vuitton hand bag appears on the roof of my taxi.

Today your prayers are needed for a New York Taxi driver Tony Buscemi killed at 4am while he was on his way to work.the "Belfast cabby" a fellow blogger. 2 fishermen missing at sea off Sherries and the family of the Catholic police recruit Ronan Kerr 25 who was killed when a a bomb exploded under his car in Omagh Co.Tyrone.
I hope those people who carried out that violent act will be brought to justice soon.

Lets live our lives with a bit more passion, like the Mayfly who lives for only one day.

Mothering Sunday, or Mothers day.
It all started when the Lord of the manor allowed his servant girls ONE day off to visit their mothers. The girls who were in service would bring Seminal cake home (a bit like caraway seed cake)

Well there was big excitement the other day when a house went on fire on Treenure Rd. West. It was middle of terrace and the flames soon spread with the high winds.
The entire terrace is a gonner I'm afraid.
I wonder how well the building regulations were adhered to when they were built.
Most of the people just got out with the clothes on their backs.

So boys and girls, never leave phones or laptops on charge and unsupervised.
Turn off electric fires ans unplug hairdryers when you are finished using them, a turned off hair drier burned my cousins house.
Dishwashers should NOT be started when you are going to bed. Dishwashers are one of the top causes of fires in the home, this is because the wires going to the controls go under the door and every time you open and close it the wires have to bend.

One other thing ! Insurance ! If you are renting the landlord will have his property insured. But it is up to you to insure your own belongings.

In the taxi world I went back for my repeat car test. One headlight was brighter than the other. With a new bulb fitted and the €28 charge paid I went back up.
Fail again ! The other bulb had blown. Another €28 and another visit back again.

Cab 2000 are putting it up to the other drivers at the Burlington hotel.
There is a rank outside on the street and Cab 2000 have rented 2 spaces at the front door. One side of the argument says they are on private property so they can do what they like. The other side says that they are soliciting for hire in a place which is not a taxi rank, it is not private property either as it is a hotel forecourt and the public have access to it.
Some kind of boycott of the hotel should follow,they are creating a lot of bad feeling for themselves at a time when every hotel needs all the business they can get.

On the day of the fire I had 3 ladies all dressed up and heading to Templeougue, after 10 minutes into the journey, I found out that the lady in the front seat used to be at my first school! I had not seen her for at least 20 years, or perhaps 30 years. God it is strange to meet someone out of the blue like that, nice to meet her again though.
When I had the Fiat Scudo 6 seater I picked up a guy I knew and his drunken wife, he didn't recognize me. She was like a viper snapping at him and the other poor guy who was with him.
Derek would be a very successful person, but my God his life is one awful mess.
You would not change places with him for anything.
Perhaps the secret of his success is that he works every chance he can get just to get away from his vile wife, still I do know that there is 3 sides to every story.

His,hers and the truth.

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  1. Hey.. What about me? Can I get listed?

  2. Boston, you have the stage !

  3. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Whats all this crap about? Is there any one doing anything about all the hotel carparks only letting there own cabs in.
    Last week i had a argument with a security man I rang the taxi regulator and she told me its not there concern as its private property I hate that evil money grabbing bitch