Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just to say . . . . . .

I just had to put this down to try and reconcile my thoughts in my head.

On Nutley lane a very tall woman stopped me.
She was lost and was looking for a house which was close by.
The problem was that she was told to go to 77 and the houses only went up to 75.

There was a break in the traffic and I told her to hop in and I tried to help her.
So we drove along the houses and there was no 77, the last house was 75.
Than a car stopped at 75 and I went over to ask the driver.

Street names can be Nutley lane, avenue, street, close or place.
So she thought we had the wrong street.
She only worked in the house she was stopping at and she called out the owner.

My passenger told her that she was sure that the street address was right.
Then the householder asked her who she was looking for. "Her name is Mary, I am a nursing aide and I have been sent to help her"
With that the woman told her where the girl lived, just a few doors down.

At around that time another lady arrived from the agency and they both got back into into her car and drove down to the house.

What is really bugging me is that although I had no intention of charging her for my time helping her.

I had said it to her,that this is on the house, my good deed done for the day.

But neither she or the other lady from the agency said one word of thanks.

After all there would have been a good €5 on the meter and we had established where she should have been going.

It would be sad if other peoples bad manners made us all become unkind to strangers.

Well karma will say what goes around comes around.

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