Sunday, August 14, 2011

A "bum"on the street

Street art.

A memorial to someone who died on the street.

On Baggott St. to a nameless homeless man who died there.

This is the guy I found, with hundreds of people passing him by.

So here we are Summer is nearly over and some schools go back on Monday.
The moon is big and bright and for those closer to nature Harvest thanksgiving has arrived.

I had brought an Irish girl out to Swords to start a 13 hour shift as a social worker, we discussed the case of my alcoholic homeless social worker from last week.
It is tragic how the turns that life might brings might lead a very differentr destiny that you might have expected to have, it might even be a tragic ending.
But it happens to the best.
The ex archbishop of Canterburys grandson died from a drugs overdose, I read in the paper last week. You would think that everyone involved would have had the very best advice available, but the kid was dead for a few days before his body was found, sad and tragic for alll involved.
So it was with this thought on my mind when I saw the person above lying on the footpath outside St.Patricks Cathedral. I said to my passinger from Venezuela that Ireland was not always like this. People used to help the fallen ones who were on the ground, we used to help old ladies up from the ground and help bring blind people across the street.
So when I dropped her off at Blooms hotel I went back, he was still there.

So I dialled 112 and the operator was a bit of a fucker to say the least.
She seemed to imply that I should not be bothering the ambulance service unless I knew the precise depth of the patients condition!
The ambulance service were a bit better.
Has he a pulse?
Is he breathing?
Well if he was't breathing he wouldn't have a pulse, would he?
But he was warm to the touch.

The best place to take a pulse is on the neck at the side of the windpipe.

Now a girl from America who was passing spoke to me.
"I thought he would attack you when you touched him"
I told her he was too far gone for that, but that help was on the way.

The next couple were Swiss, you know even is Switzerland we have big problems with drugs.
Yes I said "NEEDLE PARK"Indeed she said and walked off.
I really don't know what the awnser is. look here.

A few years ago I had a guy in the taxi who worked in Minsk which is in the old USSR. In the winter if you fell down you are dead in 1/2 an hour. So if you were found in a state of collapse you are brought in and in the morning you are hosed down with freezing water.
Then you must pay a fine and attend a treatment canter.

So today I stood up to the mark and did the right thing.


  1. If only more people stood up every now and then to do the right thing....

  2. Anonymous6:00 AM

    I think that's the problem with cities, people think its not their problem or someone else will deal with it. Its really sad but there are people who will do whats right just like you did!

    I had the same thing happen to me when I was cycling home one evening. I saw someone lying on the footpath beside pheonix park. To be honest I was pretty terrified to try and wake her up to see if she was okay. I couldn't wake her up so I wanted to get help. Typically I didn't have a phone with me so I had to hail down a car to get them to ring for an ambulance. A good few cars past and they would have past her just lying on the road too. God knows how long she was lying there. But a lady did stop and then another man stopped to help. The ambulance came and when they were with her she came to. It was quite obvious she had taken drugs but she was okay.

    I think when people in this country see someone who has passed out by drink or drugs its like they dont count. At the end of the day this is just someone who has made some bad choices and needs help.

    There is no way I could have cycled past without stopping and I dont know how other people could.

  3. Good on you, just because she did not thank you dosen't mean that you have not gained great cudos somewhere else.
    On the cold winters nights people can die from the cold very quickly.
    Some day we I helped a drunk bum but later I found out that the person was a supreme court judge. (retired)
    You just never know