Thursday, October 13, 2011

A wall to keep out the sea.

People of Clontarf are up in arms about plans to build an 8 ft wall along the sea front from the Bull Wall to the Alfie Byrne Rd.

Also with this great plan is a proposal to raise the land bank by up to 5 meters.

This would block the view of the sea and create a corridor where joggers and walkers could not be seen from the road therefore making them liable to attack by mad southsiders !
Take a look for yourself here

But I do feel I know what this is really about.

The Clontarf people have been blocking the infill of 50 acres down at the port. The were foiled at every turn by the late Sean Dublin Bay Loftus, now we will be told that if the 50 acres were filled in the sea would be kept at bay and the defenses would be reduced.

"Wouldn't that be better boys and girls?"

All those lovely sun rises lost forever.

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  1. I doubt the people of Clontarf are in any danger from the sea. It's not exactly Atlantic swells that rush ashore in that part of the world. If they insist on doing something wouldn't a two metre wall go a long way towards solving this issue?