Tuesday, May 08, 2012


In Shakespeare's Globe theater a real live Cree Injun reads from the bard in his native tongue.
They had a whole day celebrating his birthday that they read all his sonnets in all the languages of the world, Cree, Welsh,Irish,Norwegian etc, etc.

"We bury all faiths"
Sign in a London undertakers. How many do you know?

So I managed to download photos on to a different computer, it will be off to see my Chinese friend to get him give the old computer a big kick.

The other day the gas heater regulator broke, the poor old dog was shivering with the cold so I made my way to a hardware store for a new regulator.
I brought it home and when I went to fit it I noticed that one of the little ball bearings was missing. So I went back and returned the regulator and then decided to buy a brand new heater. €180 +
So on the way home i decided it was time to replace the broken radio as well.
So I went into Power City and there was the same gas heater for €120 now €60 is too much of a difference, so I bought an even cheaper heater for €99.
Then I went back and brought the first heater back for a refund.
It just goes to show how much you have to fight for value.

If you can cast your mind back to the day of the Grand National.
A man called William Parsisson went into the bookies to place a bet on the big race.
He had his baby daughter with him who was not well at the time, she had been to the hospital twice but the doctors had failed to diagnose her illness correctly.
Vickie the bookies clerk diagnosed the condition as as pyloric stenosis a rare condition which her own daughter had once suffered from.
The father brought the infant to a different hospital where Vickies diagnosis was confirmed.
A 40 minute operation corrected the condition and the father is now preparing to sue the first hospital.

You see the problem of going to court is that an incorrect diagnosis is not proof for incompetence.

And the horse? His £5 bet on Sunnyhillboy who came in second won £25

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