Sunday, May 06, 2012

Wrong way / right way twice

While I am on the subject of honesty with regard to taxis.
Have you ever been to Athens in Greece?
When you arrive at the airport you are directed to a taxi office.
You tell them where you are going and pay them. The office give you a voucher and this is handed to the driver only when you arrive at your destination.
You owe nothing else.
Now the public might be more willing to take taxis if they knew that they were not going to be robbed by the driver.

Last week I saw 2 boy racers zooming around Donnybrook.
Now these were no ordinary boy racers, one was driving a Maserati the other a Ferrari, both cars were dark color. I heard that they "Creamed" 6 cars when they came to a piece of road which narrowed. From what I saw they were just rich kids who had borrowed daddy's car! Looks like no pocket money for you guys for a long while.

I had a strange one the other day 2 Australians going to Avis car hire, but he didn't know where it was. I think it was around Donnybrook I picked them up. Now I had picked up a van from Avis a few years ago, so I was sure I knew where it was,but he assured me I was going the wrong way and that he was now bringing me the right way, we arrived in Lombard st. Thrifty car hire.

Now since when did they become Avis?

Strange to say that I think I had a celeb in the taxi a few weeks ago, same thing she kept telling me I was going the wrong way.
We were stopped outside the actual hairdressers she wanted to go to and she insisted that I go right down Baggott st and over the bridge again, you are at the wrong end.
Then I stopped and rang the number of the salon and drove the distance back to the door.
If she was indeed Maureen O'Hara she was looking well enough. Any time you see her on TV she has a mask of makeup. She has a very strange Irish American accent which I couldn't fathom.
I suppose if you are someone like that you don't go around blowing you own trumpet. You just want to lead a normal life.

Very different were the "Paper dolls", an aerial performance company based in Dublin. Currently training in the Belfast Circus School.
I was bringing them back from the Spectacle of Defiance and Hope as their characters "the Eccentric Ladies" !

They have a really nice website

The son of ambassador in the car he spoke about how the police speak to people.
He was young and he felt like saying to them."How dare you speak to me like that. Have you any idea who I am?"
This would be a big mistake.
Now it is not the fault of the police if they stop him committing a minor traffic offence in a car with no CD plates and then they fail to respect him as the person he is.
Still he had the get out of Jail card in his back pocket.

I am sure you know the one about the American embassy had a battered old car which they all used as a runaround. The ambassador and his wife took it out and were stopped for speeding. The car had no tax and the driver told the Garda he was the American Ambassador to Ireland. The Garda took one look at the old beat up car and said. "If you're the American Ambassador then I'm John Wane"
He checked the papers and came back. "I do apolagise Mr Ambassador, go on your way" To which the driver replied. "Thank you very much Mr John Wane"

Taxi drivers get hassle all the time.
But we say things like
"I am very sorry sir, the sun may have blinded the traffic lights, Indeed I am a very stupid person, I am very very sorry and I assure I will be more careful in future"

Far better than getting a fine

Heading back out to see Tango master Pablo Veron (See earlier posting)

Now this is what I call a magic interlude.
Its a pity he didn't give his assistant (Miss Direction) a chance to get dressed

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