Tuesday, February 12, 2013

England 12 Ireland 6

                                      A view of the Convention center over the bridge

 Will this be next? Covert cameras built onto all  our mirrors? Those things to the right are Cameras one looking to the front, the other into the car.Noel Byrne Limekiln Lane for details

Rugby kept me going this weekend.
I often opt out of the after match madness but this Sunday I hit on a good route to pick up punters.
Instead of coming down Shelbourne Rd where you get locked into traffic I went down Pembroke Rd. where you could do U turns when you picked up a passenger and not be stuck in traffic.
On the fourth or such forray I got a pick up on the Hailo system right at the door of the Aviva stadium.
He didn't show for a good while and he was not awnsering his phone.
I got offers of double the fare, I will give you an extra €20 etc.
Then at last he awnsered his phone. It turned out he was going to Batterstown Co.Meath via Clonee.
I think it was around €70, with an automatic tip!
As I say you never know whats around the corner.

Then home to bed

On Monday came the Chinese new year, so when you are writing a check remember its not Dragon, it's snake.

Sometimes you have to read things twice, just because you cannot believe it the first time.
In Russia a woman who had a young child put the baby in a neighbors barn while she went to the disco. The neighbor heard a baby crying and went out to investigate.
Russia is a very cold place !
He found the baby alive and well with her pet cat snuggled up beside her.
Only for the heat of the cat the baby would be dead.
So the mother is explaining her actions to the police.
It was in Mondays Metro.

Another thing I found out about HailO is that they got a big poke of funding to expand into Asia.
Richard Branson is on board now with $30 million investment.

I am really keeping my head down until the work picks up again.
This weekend we are having a family gathering so tidy up is the order of the day.

Then on the 22nd its Blackpool magic

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