Sunday, February 03, 2013

Februrary. Spring is here

 You might still wonder why some people do not recognize this as a TAXI
  Harlic house, you will never forget the first time you saw these gates
    If you cannot pay.The bold men will take your toys away.

Another Sunday and a new month.
Well up and coming events are the Jameson Dublin film festival. click here for detail
And the silent film festival in Nenagh click here. A special event is to honour Rex Ingrim who came from there and made a big name for himself as himself and later as Alfred Hitchcock (The first)

I see that HailO are sponsoring part of the Jameson film festival. "Blood Rising" and "Get the picture" look interesting.
Though the way things are going people will access all these movies on Netflicks.
No taxi or baby sitter needed.

Talking of taxis, I picked up a Phillipena lady in Blackrock this morning.
When she told me she had been here in Ireland for more than 13 years I remarked that she must have come here when she was five years old.
She was 43! years old and looked like a teenager.
Now I am not pulling your leg, if I was a barman I would have to see ID.
Remarkable and amazing.
She told me how she couldn't get wine in Tesco, or if she went out for a meal she had the same problem.
Not that looking young would be a problem for most people.

But for the next lady. Looks were very important.
She stopped me in Ballsbridge.Tall and  blond lady with a wonderful fur coat, it had a hood..
She was not feeling well and was going to a medical center in Fitzwilliam St.
She was Italian and as glamours as as a spring morning.
But alas she looked like she was suffering from bad facial burns!
Her lips had been treated, so full and lush. (I bet she couldn't whistle)
Once she settled in though and started to talk she was really pleasant lady very good company.
But my God her once beautiful face was totally ruined.
Perhaps it was a reaction to the operation I don't know.
I didn't stare.
There is a type of person who are not secure in themselves the list of operations they feel that they need can go on and on.
In extremes you can get trans sexual people.
It can all become very sad.
Micheal Jackson had such a fixation about his nose that it just became a hole on the front of his face.

So for that beautiful lady who bought the fantastic fur coat in Milano there will be no peace or contentment in her life until she accepts the fact that the clock cannot be turned back forever, the sad part is that she is a really nice person to talk to, she is probably well educated as well.
Real beauty comes from the inside.

For me, getting older is no problem. Staying in good health is the secret..

On that subject I have had a cough for a while. A regular customer of mine told me to go to the doctor.
"I mean it!
Go to the doctor. I am serious, after all you are a senior citizen"

Thanks a  lot.

I was at a function with Paul Daniels that older magician a while back there was a Q and A section at the end.
Then someone asked the big question.
"How old are you now Paul?"
His answer was really brilliant.
"If you really want to know? I am 14 years old.I have been that age forever. I never lost that sense of wonder and adventure that you feel at that age. I waken up and wonder what wonderful things might happen today.
But outside I am 73"
Is this what keeps us young ?.

OK here is his signature piece

People some times ask me what it is like to drive  a taxi?
Here is the best film on the subject.

Here is the best one.

Just to finish on this one. A lady gets into the taxi on the Clontarf Rd going to Knocklyon.
Is there any perticular route you want to go?
Do you not know the way?
Yes I do but I just wanted to know if you have a preference.
Just go the quickest route.
So I headed into Dame St. Down past St.Patricks cathedral, out to Harolds cross. I wanted to veer right but the traffic was backed up, so I went straight to Terenure. I asked to go right, she said no so I went towards the Yellow House and turned down Orchard Rd.
Where are you taking me now?
Not long to go I said.
So I turned into Knocklyon Rd. and she started spluttering where the hell are we? I don't recognise where I am or any roads you took.

This is Knocklyon Rd. you are on now
Oh I know where I am now straight on and its on the right.

13.4 kilometers

Time 31 mins

Cost €25.85

This journey has never cost me more than €20.

Well today it will cost you €25 (I let her off with the 80 cent)

Sometimes I wonder why some people make themselves so unhappy.

Last week the lady who had lost her home before Christmas and her partner left her with 3 small kids to support, she was so happy when I stopped the meter at €20, just to round it down a bit.

Did you ever hear of the power of positive thought ?

Have a happy life!

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