Saturday, April 20, 2013

The tree is in bloom !

                        That tree is in bloom again, so Summer cannot be far away.
                Clamped while charging.
                    Flats in Balllymun, the wreckers ball has smasehd them up now
                             An African lady carries a pack of water bottles on her head.

The Boston bombing has come to a bloody end, as it turned out it was solved almost by an accident.
You have to empathise with all the people involved.
Thank God in these modern times of the internet footprints will be followed up from computer through mobile phones and all people involved in the toxic web will be traced.

Perhaps then we will find out


The Stars and Stripes flag is at 1/2 mast at the embassy.

Really bad things do happen all the time.
5 years ago in China an earthquake killed 70,000 people and another quake struck today.
The important thing is to try and learn how things can be prevented or avoided in future.

Today we had a beautiful sunny morning, as I drove in the coast road from Clontarf the sea was a perfect mirror, with the mountains and the docklands reflected in the sea.

The Romans named Ireland Hibernia  the land of Winter.
When the sun shines through the city is a different place.

So if you want to make a few handy bob and you can change the rules this is what you do.
Change the rules and tell no one.
My son was caught doing 45 Kph in a 30 Kph zone.
The inner city speed limit has been expanded and now begins at Redmonds Hill at the top of Auinger St. 
All of the taxi drivers I asked at the rank thought it was a 50 Kph speed limit.
They have moved the signs and forgot to tell us.
€80 fine and 2 penalty points !
The only way out of this is that the regulations may not have been written into law which will make the fine illegal.
Look at this...

is to allow for a reduction in the speed limit that normally applies where those special circumstances apply.  The Act makes it clear that the circumstances where such an approach is to be introduced must be set out in the speed limit bye-laws.  Accordingly it is envisaged that this provision would be used on very rare occasions where very particular circumstances that would give rise to a clear road safety issue can be foreseen.  One example of this would be in a tunnel where it might be necessary to close a lane and traffic must consequentially be slowed.

The deployment of this provision is limited to national roads and motorways and it is recommended that the National Roads Authority, who must consent to the use of this provision, should be consulted at an early stage in the development of the proposal.

Under no circumstances should the use of this provision be pursued in the absence of the necessary bye-laws.
 So now we are look for Statuary instruments.

Worth a shot.
In the UK they do  this kind of thing a lot.

The electric car belonging to William Despard (Huguenot name) of the Bretzel bakery was being charged up.
When you are charging you car the parking was free until the beginning of this month that is.
Then they changed the rules and told nobody.
He was clamped and had a 2 day stand off with the clampers, refusing to pay.
But he needed the car and had to pay in the end.

Perhaps the small man will take on City Hall some day.

Holy communion is taking place all over the city, young girls dressed in white dresses and boys in very fancy suits, some even dressed as Admirals.
It all costs a lot of money at a time when people are being crippled by debt and loosing their homes.
It is time someone said that the boys and girls wear their school uniforms or some kind of surplice supplied by the church.
When I worked nights it was not uncommon to see young mothers on the game to get money for Christmas and Holy communion.  It really defeats the purpose and meaning of the whole thing.

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