Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three Cheers 
Freedom is a word I seldom use without thinkin'  As the bard once said
        Its like the free bikes, but you pay by the hour. Join the club !
                Now this is my new big baby! The whole world and the flags as well.

As you know Dublin is a very international city now. People from all over drop in to visit and work.
My passenger was from Venezuela, of course I knew where it was, right there between Colombia and Guyana (not to be confused with Ghana)

So I painted a wall in the study and hung up a new map of the world.
Country's keep changing you know.
When it was in place I looked at it for nearly an hour !
Better than TV it was.
Necker Island where that nice Mr.Bransons holiday home is.
Tristan De Khuna one of the most remote places in the world and yes St.Helena where Napoleon died, that would also take some finding.
You know it is a fact that have met someone from every country on Earth.
When I see someone with unusual features or accent I ask where they are from.
Once I met 2 girls where they were from and they said Canada.
"Your features intrigue me. Which ethnic group are you "?
We are Inuit, but you say Eskimo. That means snow eater!
I nearly stopped the car with delight.
They were ending their holiday and I struck a deal.
This trip was on the house!
Then the coffee they were going to have was on me.
Then I would take them to the airport, but that trip would be charged.
So I learned that they do not live in a house made of snow. But they suffer badly from the looong winters with no sunlight.Radio and TV signals are also a problem as there mad magnetic impulses in that part of the world.  Inbreeding and drugs are a big problem too.
They were great girls, so happy to feed my interest.No we didn't rub noses together to say goobye.
Though I cannot imagine anyone not wanting to talk to them.
You can learn a lot from the people in your care, you might as well, after all you are finished school.
I did also have a native American  Injun in the car once, but he was a very modern gent in many ways. He looked as he should have been......If you know what I mean.

I remember a story from years ago when an American Injun was arrested for going down a one way street the wrong way. His name was "Early morning raincloud"
The Judge took a good look at him."God you are a very tall man, what height are you?"
He replied that he was 6ft 8.
After a logical explanation that he was confused and lost the judge thanked him for coming and sent him on his way without charge. 

So today I went to the SGS and renewed my taxi license for another year.
So many hoops to jump through !

At this juncture I wonder if it will be worth renewing next year.

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