Saturday, June 28, 2014

100 years ago today

On this day in 1914 a driver took a turn down a wrong street.
He found himself in he wrong place at the wrong time.
His passengers were the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.
An assassin appeared called  Gavrilo Princip  and killed them  both.
Once more the Balkans rose up to war.

The war spread to become World war one.

This was the beginning of "The great war" The war to end all wars..

  The HailO app tells me where my customer is..
      Italian Taxi  Toyota Prius of course

                   This young lady was pulling together a fashion show. (Not a good photo)

             Playing volleyball on  Dollymount strand.

My life has become more like a trawler mans every day.
I drop my nets and head off not knowing where I might pick up my next job.
Often I compare my day to being a world traveler in reverse. The world coming to me.
A Canadian guy asked me for the Mater as in "Hospital" and I was fortunate to find out that he wanted "The Marker" as in Hotel. I altered course and got him there without much of a roundabout. A good tipper into the bargain.
An Irish girl from Donegal who was well traveled. She worked in Boston and  Seattle,   but her family are fishermen and they now fish in America...They got the Green Card and emigrated to Cape Cod.
Fishermen in Ireland got a real rough deal from the European Union.. Our fish quotas were given to the French and Spanish while the Irish skippers were given very little.
One very sad story on the radio was of a Dingle fisherman talking from the quayside of his native port.
He had just come back from Spain where he had delivered his fishing boat to its new Spanish owners.
"In 3 weeks time my vessel will be re registered and its new owners will be harvesting fish off the Irish coast.
Irish fish that I am not allowed to catch"
There is not much justice in that situation.

A young  girl flagged me down in O'Connell St. She was so panicked that she couldn't tell me where she was going.  I had nearly stopped when she said Cork St. 
She was going for a job interview and was in a right sweat....But I also knew where Newmarket Sq was. She was really grateful that I had calmed her down at journeys end..
It was only when I turned around to get my reward did I see that she was really good looking.

"With looks like that you will have no bother getting the job"  I hope she did get it.

A big American at the Westbury hotel where I stop to buy Coffey. he wanted to take a taxi to O'Neills pub
No he couldn't walk. I told him that I was last in the queue and I would take him for nothing. But the number one car would have waited for over an hour for his job. The driver of the first car was relieved.
My passenger was very grateful for the free ride but forgot to put a penny in the poor mans hat.
So I suppose when I give his green umbrella to someone else they might tip me.

A Nigerian girl was going to Lucan village..She does a blog on fashion and on that day she was setting up a fashion show. But the light was behind her so the photo turned out badly.

Its Gay Pride week..
Once more it is not compulsory.

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