Monday, June 09, 2014

Hijack !!!!

Well it had to happen the way things are going on.
A taxi driver picked up 2 guys in Rathfarnham going back into the city center.
Then they hijacked the taxi and crashed into a pole killing the driver (click here).
The passenger was OK and the owner is shaken but OK
Perhaps the judges will now treat carjacking as the deadly scourge that it is.

My visitors are here from Australia so we are showing them around. We went and saw the Titanic center and the Milltown cemetery in  Belfast. In Dublin we saw all the usual things including Glasnevin cemetery.
Micheal Collins grave and all the great leaders of 1916 etc. Don't forget to check into the tourist office in Andrews st to pick up maps and get information.

So tomorrow I have to get new shock absorbers fitted to my car and a new tyre plus the tracking.
The guy in Atlas tyre in Drumcondra has me booked in at 11and says it will be 2 hours turn around.

Did you ever hear of the "Law of attraction?"
Positive thoughts transfer to positive results.

This takes it to an extreme, in other milder forms it works really well.
As a taxi driver I must remain focused and work out how to find my next job.

Robin Sharma would like to talk to you as well.

So the Euromillions did not click in but I am so lucky in many other ways.

More again soon.

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