Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Taxi firm in profit !

                         "Looking forward to Christmas" Mark Nixon photography Clontarf Rd.

                      Antique looking cars in Talbot St. window

                                     Tank in army display near airport at the weekend.

I often put newspapers aside to read later.

I found this

Irish Times business section Monday 9 July 2012

"O'Leary taxi firm in profit."

That was the headline.. Michael O'Leary head of Ryanair bought a taxi plate in 2003 so that he could zip in and out of the airport using the bus lanes.
He was even caught speeding while driving once.
But the judge missed out that he had no PSV license for driving a taxi at that time.
Now jump to the present day and he has a taxi "company" which drives him to work and looks after the household business with the meter running.
The company made €624,144 profit last year.
The company also provides horse breeding services. (I suppose this keeps the driver busy all the time)
Back in the real world I am waiting for the NCT to give me a time, when I have to jump through the other hoops to be back on the road again.

I got the meter fitted and there was a big red 8 to the left of the display.
This happened once before and the legal meteorology would not pass it, the display was faded in sunlight and hard to read as well.
So I went back and the guy took out the chip and started to blow on it!
The slightest contamination on a microchip sets it off.
In places like Intel they have "Clean Rooms" where a few specks of dust set off alarms.
The workers wear space suits and here today is  my man blowing on the chip with his breath to clean it.
He had no compressed air aerosol or cleaner.
So I headed into Peats of Parnell St (Alas it is gone)
So it would be Maplins for "Servisol IPA 170" Isopropyl alchohol cleaner. e15.60
(In case you ever need it)
This has the meter working perfectly

My old taxi is working well I hope. The Chinese family who have it now were very unlucky with their last car.They depended on a mechanic who lived beside them to guide them with regard to cars.
He passed a lemon on to them as fit for service and they lost all their money on it.
There are still bad cars around.
My Daddy used to say that you could tell if a car was good if a Taxi driver bought one more than once.
For a van? What is the traveler driving?

It gives me time to reflect..
In Afghanistan and Iran also Iraq and also in Palestine and Ukrane there are thousands of innocent people caught up in war.. Thousands of people had to leave their homes to seek shelter in the mountains of Iran.
No blankets or shelter were dropped in for them. Hundreds of infants died from heat, cold and thirst.

This weekend 2 American football teams with marching bands and thousands of fans arrived in Dublin to play a football game.
Then they flew home again. 

Not that I am saying that there was anything wrong in doing that but  you have to ask
Where is our humanity gone?

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