Thursday, August 28, 2014

A ride on the Luas

    The plan for the "Wrap" design for my taxi.
             Done and dusted
                   Remember when VWs looked like this? and every car had a different engine noise?
                     Packs for fast food.

The car was wrapped in City West and I took the Luas back into Dublin and the bus home.
It goes at a great speed, I suppose it should as Luas is the Irish for speed
Just around an hour each way.
She looks really great.

So the downtime has been put to good use, I completed my income tax.
My friend Judy took over my old car.
Hers had broken down and the garage told her it needed a new engine,
She brought it up to a Chinese garage to get another second opinion.
Guess what? she sold it to the garage as is.
A mechanic lives next door to her. he checked out the car before she bought it and he said it was A1.
Then she had to spend nearly e1000 on repairs in less than 6 months.
She is under strict instructions not to let him near my car, I will look after it for her.

"Where would you find cowboys?" said the man to me.
"There are thousands of them in the Golden pages"  He is correct for sure.

A  man told me that his dad owned a fast food joint,the tax man took a good look at the books and the invoices.
You bought a hell of a lot of packaging in comparison to your sales.So they hit him for a good few grand.
All I could say was.
"Did he not tell the tax man about the rat in the storeroom and how everything had to be thrown out,and the cat getting in later and pissing over everything?"

He thought I would be a better accountant than the one his dad had.

Did you hear that 2 old age pensioners were evicted from their rented property by the Sheriff.
The action was illegal as the sheriff is not allowed ti evict in a domestic situation.
Put out on the road in their pajamas and not allowed back in to collect their belongings.
Click here for the story
As you can see from the article they are tenants and their landlord went belly up, the bank is selling the house and offering them no alternative  place to live.

The people who brought all this to pass have massive pensions,
I see that Mr.Sodens house is up for sale for over2 mill.
He was the governor of the Bank of Ireland when all this was happening.

Don't start me or I'll be here all night!.

Look after yourselves

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