Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dublin's second Easter

 As Easter was over for us here in Dublin the Russians and Romanians celebrated their Easter last weekend. A Romanian tradition is to die the eggs red and when you crack them open you bless yourself and say "The blood of Christ "
 On Georges St. a mural of two men embrace a sign of the times
I don't know what happened there, I published and then when I took a look most of the script had vanished.
Anyhoo The above vehicle carries 10 or more people who pedal and a driver who steers and operates the brakes.
The leader of the Russian Orthodox church Patriarch Krill said that Putins rule was a "Miracle from God" I guess the old boy is not Ukrainian.

So a guy gets into the taxi not for the first time, He comes from a land of camels and Oil.
I remember him.
He has seen the blog and we have a big chat about the ways of the world.

Religion it seem has us all fucked up for sure.

I brought him to the wrong destination, so I turned off the meter and just charged him €10
When he was getting out he handed me €30,
"No mistake its all for you I enjoyed the trip so much"

Perhaps there is a God after all

I didn't want to rewrite the whole thing but did you see at the convention center we had another big conferring ceremony 2,700 new Irish citizens. We are a growing nation for sure.

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  1. You know I read your posts as frequently as you put them out, but I never comment. I think I began following your blog after it was featured by blogger years ago.

    I love your style and your taxi stories are the best! (especially that last Spring forward one haha).

    I've gotta say, it would be so amazing if I were to visit Dublin and find you as my driver! Too bad I'm in the states and the chances of that are so slim!

    Thanks for keeping this up - as I said before I don't comment but I do always read and I love your blog. (I actually use a service so your posts are imported to my Kindle reader it's the coolest thing).