Thursday, April 02, 2015

Bunnies for Easter

 This is my son's bike. he hit a BUMP and the bike broke. The back fork snapped off and the bar going down to the pedals is gone as well/
        Smithfield..Modern Dublin
 The car to the right of picture took off and hit the wall, then it drove down the path before stopping
An automatic car an elderly lady driver..The car is less than 6 months old.
Thank God she hit no one.

Well here we are heading into Easter.
The year is 1/4 gone!
I am if nothing else a master of the obvious.

The dark hungry days of January and February have passed.
The time when people have no money after Christmas,New Year and the Sales clears out the coffers.
Quite a few taxi drivers go to Spain to their villas bought in the good days. I never had the luck to do that.

Every few days when  you think your luck is down or you feel like moaning you see something which brings you back to reality.
I was going past the convention center when I saw some people coming out so I pulled up at the taxi rank at PWC  Ding! Ding! a HailO job to Sandymount.
An ambulance had passed me and as we went towards the toll bridge I saw 2 ambulances and a fire brigade there.
One was the ambulance with a green stripe on its side it's the one for collecting bodies.
As we approached I thought that the bridge was closed, but no, the cars on the bridge were moving.
Then as we came to the ambulances and fire trucks we saw the body bag being passed to the morgue ambulance.
The poor sod killing himself on April fools day..
Good people falling into the hell of drugs.
Dublin has a very high number of homeless people and drug addicts. It is a shame and a tragedy.
Fr. McVerry is the only guy who makes any effort to help them.

Drugs have eaten the heart of our city, it took 2 generations and more have been taken out of the Buckingham St./Shirreff St. area and there is a big statue of a  torch erected there which remembers the hundreds who have died.
This was the first of its kind in the World

I have told some of my passengers about the blog and that I am writing a book.
It is very hard work, but it is coming on.
I let my wife and son read some of it and the "Junkie chronicles" shocked them to the the core.
But it is part of our every day life, we see it, we hate it and we can do almost nothing about it.

The movie "Taxi Driver" tells situation very well.
Anyhow if I tell you too much you won;t buy the book.

Anyhoo as they say in Canada

Have a happy Easte

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