Sunday, August 16, 2015

Argentina taxi scam

So here is another scam from Argentina.
Believe me it really it happens!
I contacted a friend who lives there.
You just have to be awake to survive in this world of ours.
So where does the counterfeit money come from?

I bought a Kindlerecently, believe me it really is the thing of the future, it holds around 400 books and it is very compact. I bought a book on magic
and one on.
or "Exposed:Auto Repair's Dirty Little Secrets to Rip you off".

It is well worth reading, even for someone as street wise as myself.

Once I had a garage tell me that he wouldn't let my my car out of his garage unless I had  £300 worth of repairs done. I called a friend who was a cub reporter at the time and a photographer to the garage.
"There is a tow truck on the way, the car will be taken to another garage,there it will be tested with an SIM inspector present.
You will be taken to court and exposed as a liar and a cheat.
From then on my friend it will be in the hands of the  media.
He let the car go.
There nothing wrong with it at all..

So download that book to your kindle and educate yourself.

Another book you might find on Amazon is "Cheats at work"
They are in every walk of life.

I had solicitors try to cheat me badly twice.
Could you believe it? They are supposed to enforce the  law.

Tomorrow I meet my tax accountant and mountains of receipts will be reduced to 4 or 5 sheets of paper. Tomorrow the worries will end until next year.

But I must start doing my tax bit by bit.

Like my German friend, Weekly. Monthly, 1/4ly 1/2 yearly 3/4 years estimate..Then the final accounts//He can compare any period over the decades..ASSHOLE.

The Germans do not like suspense..

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