Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Death and Taxes

 This is the masses of packing that came with my rear light cluster from micksgarage.ie
               Lucozade promotional buggies.

This house is called Xanadu once the Cuban home of the DuPonts' it is in bad repair.
The sea has undermined a bit of the front lawn, lots of damp too.
When I saw it I told the person in charge if they didn't take care of it they should knock it down.
But it is a prize of the revolution

There are 2 things sure in this life,death and taxes.
Tax I try to nail down and I spent the whole morning doing tots.
Taxi drivers pay HailO 12.5% of each job they are sent. On top of that they also pay an extra 3% if it is a credit card job.Plus VAT.
I totted up that I payed HailO €1246 last year in commissions. On top of all that you don't get the €2 call out charge that you are entitled to for each pick-up.
So I ventured around 4.30pm to go to the shops and I picked up someone going into town.
Then on Pierce St. a girl stopped me and she was heading towards Baggott St. She had no cash and said she would be paying by credit card. I said that there was a 3% charge for credit cards and she got all high and mighty with me. She had never been charged extra for using a credit card before.
Now one point of action was to tell her to leave and find another taxi and she didn't want to use an ATM either.
It is a pity I didn't think of Ryan air,had she not been charged for paying with a credit card? but I suggested that she tried to use "Pay with HailO" Its a feature of the app and you can pay off your HailO account. She moved up another active when she saw that there was a charge to her for the credit card facility.
I just said pay now and complain later, the pity was that I hadn't known that right there on the fare card it states
 "Credit card 5% maximum charge."
After all If you don't get paid there and then and you have to buy a credit card  machine, you should get compensated somehow.

The next guy in was from Aberystwyth in Wales, and you couldn't meet a nicer man.
His mission was to attend 5 football matches in 4 countries in 7 days !
Perhaps it was 7 matches in 4 countries in 5 days.
But him luck I wish in his quest.
Welsh language is becoming more popular every day he told me, Irish language is dying every single day. He told me that he went to his local pub and there was a Polish lad and an Irish lad with another man from South Wales   All speaking Welsh, all the kids speak Welsh in school until they are 7.Then they learn to speak English (With a laugh)

An accountant go in and I told him I was doing all my tots for the tax man.
"Keep your records for 6 years" he said
He told me that the taxman can go back 6 years by law.
I have a mountain of recites and I didn't claim for meals out or clothes.

It is hard work without getting your 5%. on top

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