Tuesday, February 23, 2016


                                                            Blackpool tower

                                          Pavement of fame on the prominade

                                               The entire cast of  Punch and Judy up for sale

                                                The bill toppers at Blackpool Paul Daniels 1983

Our flight home was FR557 and at 18/10 we Queued up only to be told that this is FR1557
Fine for us we sat back down. Then later we noticed people running forward, only to return scarlet.
They went for the wrong flight as well only to find that they were on the 17/30 which was now closed.
Thats the airlines for you, catch you out and you pay 4 times what your original  ticket cost you.

A guy in the taxi at the airport jumped in at arrivals. "Quick Dublin Port"On the way the story unfolded, he had brought his old out of date passport and they wouldn't let him on the flight.
He rang his wife and passed the address of the hotel, send the passport "Express post" He would get the high speed ferry and a train to Manchester and he would be sitting in the lobby when they arrived.
His reason for getting there so fast would be that he had chartered a plane Ha Ha

Blackpool is the bigggest magicians convention in the world. The Guinness world records says so.

For me it was a complete fiasco, just young kids jumping in and out of boxes illusions that you could buy. Thats not magic.
This is Magic with a big M

So simple, perfect timing and a big finish.

 Did you ever hear of Cyrl from Japan ?.
A really nice guy and very mischievous

Elections to follow and then the Easter rising celebrations.
It is a total tragedy how this country has been governed since 1916 
One corrupt or incompetent government after another.

Nothing to celebrate

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