Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feb..flyes out

                 One of Dublins finest houses, home to the Canadian ambassador in Ranelagh
                                                  A ladybug car..

                           All the way from Liverpool a Liver bird in Dublin.

Taxi driving is very much hit and miss. Two people could travel the same route, one might have a crappy day the other the best day of his life.

Two taxi drivers were attacked in Finglas and Glasnevin over the last few days.
You never know the moment when you will be caught off guard. Syringe attacks would be the most frightening as you never know for sure if you are HIV positive.
If I had the chance I would wrap the car around a pole and kill the bastard.

The worst I ever felt was when a guy that had all the hallmarks of a junkie clambered into the car while I was hemmed in at traffic lights..I then found out that he had MS and he was very sorry for freaking me out.

Thank God the new roof signs and the CCTV cameras are off the table.
I had CCTV in my first Fiat Scudo and it is great...But it is another thing to be stolen at the end of the day.Learn how to record conversations on your phone, better than having nothing.

Today I had no float in notes so I went to a pass machine and put in my card, it gave me no cash and spat my card back out.As did the other cash point. The next few jobs has small notes and when I finished up I wondered if the bank had taken the money. So I went up to the bank to see. No luck with the Raheny bank so I went up to the Malahide Rd branch and got a mini statement. As I was walking back to the car a black gentleman asked me how much I would charge him to go to Skerries and back to here.
"You see my wife took my wallet and I am out of petrol"
Shit I know the feeling I said to myself, so I gave him €7 which was in my pocket and told him to drive carefully to Skerries.
What goes round comes round, he was willing to spend  €60 and he got a present of €6 because I was too tired to take him.

Cheltenham races are on and the sporting Irish are back for the fun.
A few years ago Foot and Mouth disease stopped the racing and a guy from Ireland rang his his hotel to cancel his booking.
He had paid in advance from the previous year and the hotel told him that he would have to pay again.
Bad business decision as he had booked out most of the hotel over the last 6 years.
Irish people are not known for being stupid, so he rang his brother who was a priest in England and his parish was near the hotel. He told him to round up 16 homeless scruffy and mad people and they are to have a weekend at the luxury hotel, if we can't come they can have it.
After a full head on confrontation with the hotel manager the priest got a full refund and his brother told him to spend all the money on the poor of the parish.

The Irish businessman rang the hotel and cancelled all future bookings,

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