Thursday, May 12, 2016

A testing time for some.

                        A happy man with a captive clamp.
                                     Cowper Road where a home is a castle.
                   The radio mast of our national broadcaster, more dishes than a Chinese kitchen.

Another week nearly gone and Summer arrives.

I worked until late last night and I got a really interesting guy from (London)Derry in the car.
Software guy works near Google, he spoke of many things on his trip.
Heavy traffic to Crumlin €20.
He also had a strange eye condition by which he could not detect depth of vision.
In other words he couldn't tell by looking down the road how close he was to the car in front or visa versa, not a good thing at all.
But he did have a good tale to tell about the first trans Atlantic cable click it and about the laying of it.
It was done without GPS 1856 all the way to Valentia island in Co.Kerry
It arrived just in time to announce the American civil war.
The next passengers found his fone, it was locked and I couldn't answer it. but I spotted an email address on the screen, in the morning I got a contact and brought it back to his partner on the Bluebell estate. It would be a great idea to print your partners fone number and stick it your fone and you put your number on hers. Then they have an immediate contact.
Then as  swung to go home for the fourth time that evening I got a call on the Hailo app...
"Where are you I said"
"I coming" A young lady from Japan.
Then Where are you ?
I am outside your door, number 8
But I am at number 9
I can see the door of number 9
Can't you see my yellow taxi?
What street are you on ?
Terenure Rd East.............
I will be with you in a minute.
It was over 600 meters away on a different road than the Hailo app had given me.
Then for her destination she gave me Hollybrook Ave
"Clontarf"? I said
she said yes and off we went.
Stop Stop you are going the wrong way. Hollybrook Ave is right back there in Ranelagh.
So it came to pass that my interesting journey with her had ended.
But she had no money! and wanted to go back to the start to find her stash of money.

Then the lady she was staying with came out with some money and told her that it was time to eat.
I imagined that most Japanese lady's would be well controlled and calm   Not her for sure.
But she was really nice and I am sure she will do well in life.
But its not easy leaving home and coming to a strange land.

Later on when I found the fone I rang the Japanese lady to see if it was hers.
It wasn't and did she find her cash?
Yes it was in her luggage
I told her to straight to go to the bank and open a bank account; she said she would.

She was now so happy..

Many foreign students arrive thousands of Euro to keep them for the duration for their stay.
Some of them loose it all to theft soon after arriving.

Today coming back into town I picked up a real panicky girl  from Saudi Arabia !!!!!
Quick Quick St. Patricks
St Patricks what? I asked
What do you mean what? she said.
St.Patricks Cathedral ?
I am a so late for my exams.
Si it will be St. Patricks college?
I don't know.
Trust me for exams that will be the place..

When we drove in she  started shouting "Where is the Disco? Where is the Disco?"
We asked four people then someone said "What is it?" (good question)
Its a store.... Oh you mean Tesco

She went into Tesco for cash and asked to be driven back into the college again.
You can run over in one minute it will take me 10 to cross the  road.

She hadn't slept all night her head was all over the place.....Forward planning  think !
Where are the exams tomorrow Habbi ?

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