Saturday, May 28, 2016

The boss is back

Bruce Springsteen is back in town.

What a man he is slightly younger than me and he shows everyone that the rocking chair is for later.
I found his tour dates on the net and I tell you he works and plays very hard. Click here

Traffic was completely mad yesterday with the "Boss"and an Ireland/ Holland football match on at the same time. I went down to the ferry from Holyhead where 200 passengers were coming out with only 2 taxis waiting. My guy going into the city center with no luggage. Tough as nails he was and when we approached the center he announced that he had no money and needed to go to a bank link.
99 times out of 100 this means he is going to leave you standing while he does a runner.
My heart sank, but he said. "Hold my fone buddy, I'll be back". He did come back and gave me €20 for his €12 fare.
You can never tell,
A Russian man who would be the leading role in a gangster move did the "Keep the change" last week as well, he was a boxing promoter in Moldova.
Then a(supposedly) well brought kid in a really expensive area will punch you in the face and run off.

Then watch as they explain to a judge when they are caught.

 So this video comes along  "I am not that person, It's not me".
Who could it be?  Not once do we hear the words. I AM SO SO SORRY!

But these things happen in a flash, video is great.

Today my friends there is a march to highlight the number of family's who are homeless in Ireland.
Over 2,000 children have no place to call home. Hundreds of hotel rooms are being rented to provide shelter for homeless familys. There is a hotel around the corner from me and around 40 rooms are rented out to the state.
Women with children and familys.
They cannot use the lounge downstairs or go into the garden, its like a prison and it is so wrong.
On a sunny day one mother with her 2 kids were walking back into the hotel going through the garden. There were other kids there playing with a dog. The kid who couldn't use the garden asked his mother. "HOW CAN THE DOG PLAY IN THE GARDEN AND I CAN'T?"

There are a lot of things to fix in the Ireland of 2016

Just a thought. Years ago I went to the National Library and read the Freemans Journal from around 1840. Ireland was in the depths of famine. People were dropping in the streets from starvation and disease. There were counts of the dead from all the "Workhouses" around Ireland. There were advertisements for ships to Australia Canada and America..4 million people died or emigrated.

Then in the paper there was advertisements for Vichy water, melons and other exotic foods.
Grand balls, and other announcements.


The papers are now on computer, go and have a look.(You might even find it on the net)

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