Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A bargain is a bargain and cannot be missed.

The other day my wife rang a store to check when their sale was on.
"Its been running for 3 days came the reply"
So she borrowed my car and off she went. She said she would be back before 5 pm.
I would cut the grass
The deal was that I would have the dinner ready.

So 5pm came, then 5.30.
By 6 pm I ate my dinner and at 7.30 pm I got a desperate fone call.

"I've done a really stupid thing ! I got carried away and when I came back the taxi was locked inside the Ilac center car park."

A taxi home cost her €20.
A taxi back in the next morning cost €12 .50.
Then I had to pay€34 for the overnight parking.
The afternoons work was missed as well.

Still a bargain cannot be missed.

I know it really could be  hell of a lot worse for sure, she could have crashed into a Rolls Royce.

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