Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Hit the milion and some more

Sadly it was not the Lotto but the blog.
I knew it was coming up/9999!!! then it flipped to 1 million and 684 just like that.
My oldest boy who knows IT explains to me that the counter has been changed a few times, so I hit it ling ago.
Folks I thank you one and all, that guy in Tokyo, in Moscow, The folks in Poland  UK and Russia and in the USA my biggest audience.
When I started this it was just to let off steam, nothing more.
Then when I got more into it I found out that there was more to driving a taxi than just taking a person from A to B.
Something bigger started to happen.
So now I am working hard on a book.
By Christmas I promise.

Lets hope you are not in it!!

Thank you one and all again


  1. You better put me into that book lol hows it going John

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