Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lucky day

The scrap yards are full, don't add your car

Elvis singing in the new year, I can't wait

Liffey Valley Christmas tree.

Driving as many miles as I do in heavy Dublin traffic I have to be lucky all the time.
Like winning the lottery every time I buy a ticket. But we cannot afford to mess up.
Coming from Shirreff St through the 5 lamps I took the inside lane to turn at Killarney St.
A cop on a motorbike stopped me and read the 20 questions, pausing to say to my passenger
"What are you smiling about? Theirs a €60 fine for you for you for not wearing your seat belt !.
Then he asked me how many years I had been driving?
A move like you just did..BANG and your no claims bonus is gone.
"Cop yourself on "
He jumped on his motorbike and was gone.
He had made his point and all the cars who had seen what happened were gone.
Lucky day.

Then on Sunday I drove for an hour for nothing and was turning for home when I was hailed from the street in Ballsbridge.
Ashbourne (A €50 job) A wonderful tired lady going home.
Then when I turned for home again I decided to go via Swords and I turned on the HailO app and bang I got a job to Dublin Airport.
Then I headed towards Northbrook and I got 3 lady's and a guy heading to a town further on than Manooth ! The girls were in pajamas and dying and the party must have put the dying days of Sodom and Gomorrah in the shade. One chided the other about who she had slept with the night before.
I won't fill you in but when we arrived at the store at 12.30 (Which was supposed to be opened at 11.00) A large group of men were assembled and photographed the girls in their pajamas as they got out of the taxi, the waiting men cheered and took photographs.

A handy€100 + in an empty few minutes 
Still if you do not make money now you are sunk for the period after Christmas where there is no work.."The herring days"
Not much else to report except that I was almost home when a Phillipena girl asked me to to take her to Ballsbridge for a job interview in the Intercontinental hotel.
She is illegal, been here 5 years.
Imagine not being able to go home knowing that a tap on the shoulder might come any day and you would be kicked out.
Trump needs a good kick on the ass to make him see sense as well.
She rang me later, she got the new job ! 


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