Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 1916 Christmas 2016

And how was it for you?
Bizzy bizzy for nearly everyone.
It is amazing how people migrate right across the world for the festive season.
One little girl in the taxi was heading across to Israel, the site of the happening.

Hotels and restaurants were flat out doing special dinners for staff outings.
If people thought about having the staff outing in mid January on February the restaurants would give them a much better deal.
As for travel you could go later at half the price.
But all creeds have their festivals and travel is a big part of everything.

Christmas day is a day when I go out and do a few jobs. There are a good number of poor people who don't have cars and they are going to visit graves and grannies who enjoy the special day.
On St.Stephens day on the North Circular Rd a row was going on and the entire belongings of a girls life were strewn across the road, I drove into a filling station and bought plastic refuse sacks.
My plan was to load the things up and take her to Apollo House which has been occupied by homeless people.
Just as I was coming back I got a HailO call, a short one so when I arrived the situation had cooled down. As I looked over a police car pulled up and though there was still a good bit of personal belongings strewn around the Garda stayed in the car for a full minute before driving off.
I know that there are good police, but the useless ones need a good kick in the arse.
Another came down from the direction of Mountjoy station, turned down the wrong road and was gone.
Then the girl came out and she was in a hell of a mess, crying and showing her midriff and no coat.
No words were spoken apart from the destination "Christchurch"
The kid was not much more than 16 if she was even that old.
I told her to keep the taxi fare the man had given her and I hope it didn't go on drugs.
I had a son who went wild. He was much younger and it took a few years to get him help.
One "Family therapy group" told us that we were worrying for no reason, he was a city boy and knew his way around. He really took charge then.
I went back to the therapy group and offered to take them around the city between 10 pm and 2 am to show them what goes on.
They declined.
I then asked that a more senior person look at the session to show them how they had undermined our authority.
A 14 year old person should not be running wild for 2 or 3 days at a time.
Strange to say that session "had not been recorded"
A prison officer and youth worked spoke to him for 3 hours, no change for a few days then he worked his way back to us.

The other video of Gerry Lynch is gone
 Here is the man himself.
No doubt that song will bring a tear to many en eye, from Gaza to the Bronx

Have a wonderful 2017

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  1. Very moving. Thanks for the link, John.