Thursday, November 30, 2017

A missing person comes home

A converted bus brings tea and hot food to the homeless

Finding a dry place to sleep is a big bonus

Thank God Turkeys are just for Christmas

Wow and thank God that the doctor in the other posting just walked into her mothers house safe and well. She had been in hospital as a patient and had bad news coming , her mind must have flipped.
Thank God again she is at home with the people who love her. I hope the future is kind to her.

The other day I picked a girl up in Kilmanham going to Coolock.
"Right I said down by the quays?"
No No No she directed me out to the M50 and over to the Malahide Rd.
She seemed to think that I didn't know the way.
Adding €20 extra to the journey by going her way.
I would never go the M50 It adds miles to the trip and if there is a problem you could be stuck there for ever.
Only Sat Navs bring you that way.

I had a guy from Way up North from Alaska the land of polar bears and fishing.
Did you ever see the TV series Deadliest catch?
Well my lad David stops trawler men going aboard and gives them random drugs and alcohol tests.
A good idea.
He spent the weekend here bringing food to the homeless in the streets of Dublin.
He was a good Christian kind of guy. He really was happy to help.
We have hundreds of people sleeping rough in Dublin.
4 deaths in the last few weeks.

Our government are riding the gravy train and do not give a shit about what is happening to the people who elected them.

No not many people know but the leading country that reads my blog is Norway. !!!
The other day I had 3 Norwegian ladys to the airport. I told them about the blog and they said that they would look me up.
When we arrived at the airport one of them gave me all her €uro change "WE won't be needing this again" Then the last girl gave me the warmest hug ever.
"This has been the best taxi trip ever"

Very glad to help

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