Monday, November 20, 2017

A normal day with its ups and downs

A seat to Dermot Morgan of Fr.Ted fame
Back in business.

Avery very rare car  a  Bristol (Google it)

Just popping around minding my own business when every parents worst nightmare got into the taxi.
A dug addict!
So you play it by ear, this girl was tripping all the time, talking to herself.
She was tall enough and still had flesh on her bones, teeth rotten from the methadone, talking on and on. "Left here, right there" She brought me up to the flats area of the Coomb, she went to a house and knocked on the door just as the next door neighbor came out, the look of disgust from the people next door said it all. Her brother or who ever came to the door and the expression he gave her said volumes in his looks and silence, then he told her to "Fuck off.".

She was talking all the time barely conscious.. Her eyes going out of focus and opening again.

Don't take it up the wrong way, she could be any of our children.
I just hope this never happens to you or anyone belonging to you.
When she got out she just slammed the door without paying and when I looked down later there was €5 in the cup holder. I know she didn't mean to leave it but it was better €5 for the €9 fair than nothing at all.

She would have seen drugs as she grew up, it's not like she didn't know what would happen to her.

The dealer saw his chance an converted her to the ranks of the living dead.

Still I had other normal people from Boston who made up for it all, even though I brought them to the wrong Hertz car hire!!!!

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