Monday, September 17, 2018

The eve of the big day

Tomorrow is the taxi drivers big day out, I will take the morning off and hoover the car to get it nice for my passengers. Then drive out to Palmerstown to collect them and bring them all to Parnell Square where the Garda band will play and then they set off down O'Connell St, then the band will stand to one side and the Garda motorcycle escort will bring us to Leaopardstown race course where further entertainment will follow.
Then around 3. pm they will all head home again and wait for another year.

Last year they had to send off for more taxis and those scumbags charged for the trip while everyone worked for nothing.
So if you can make the effort to join in come on !!

Above is the floor of the entrance to the Clayton hotel in Ballsbridge it used to be a school for the children of Freemasons.

The first 3 photos explain a recent plumbing adventure I had a while ago.
The cold water tank was overflowing, I sent up the "plumber" twice
He didn't fix it and in the dry weather you could see just how much water was being wasted.
So into the attic I went and found the water tank and I saw that the ball of the ballcock was under water, so I went to the plumbers merchants and got the metal plate shown and a new stopcock just to be on the safe side.
The small metal plate stops the plastic tank from bending when pressure is applied.
Bingo the leak is now stopped.
All through my life I have learned that you have to rely on your own instincts to get things done.

Like a carpenter that hung a door and when you opened it it hit the ground.
The solution he said was to take a piece out of the door, I asked him to put a level on the door to see if was hung plumb, then he walked off.
I got a level and took out all the screws bar the top one made it plumb screwed it back up and it swung perfectly.
The next day he was shouting "If you knew so much about it how come you are not doing it?"
The builder overheard him and sent him home for good.

C'est La Vie as they say in Google.

Even my Citroen car had the wrong spark plugs in the manual ?
That really took some figuring out but an Lebanese air frame mechanic helped me through the servicing, he had cut a sinew in his hand and spent 3 or more hours showing how the car worked.

So if you buy a 2CV you must use Champion L87Y spark plugs not the short reach ones in the manual.
 Off to bed now and great things will happen tomorrow.


  1. Great job your doing tomorrow for all the kids this is first class service from the drivers it must bring a tear to your eye when the Garda band play and then your get the vip escort well done sir

  2. This is great work by you and all your colleagues I bet there’s a tear in your eye when the Garda band play and you get your vip escort