Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Exam results

A very sad time for the parents of the little girl who went missing on holiday, at least they have a body, not like the McCanns..  A sad sad day.

Well it has come around again.
The exam results have come around once more.
How you did on a given day in a particular subject might dictate which path you follow, to greatness or failure?
We have to think outside the box a bit here.
Leonardo De Vinci was no dunce, he NEVER went to school, yet his work places him among the worlds best intellects.
One guy who was in my taxi left school aged12 with no qualifications, yet Arnold Clarke was a multi millionaire when I met him.
"Stupid Paddy" had an idea which transported him to the Rolls Royce brigade.
" It wern't for me, or the money.But I didn't want my grandchildren to have to slave like I had to"

It looks like it is time to buy a new computer, this thing is stopping and freezing all the time.

Here is a bonus, watch it to the end.

What do you think ?

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