Monday, December 18, 2006

21/1 /2003

This is the moment when the top went onto the spire. The photo was taken from Clontarf which is around 2 miles from O'Connell st. The crane which you see is the largest one in europe and is capable of lifting 1.000 tonnes. For insurance the crane has to work well inside its capacity.
Just thought I would share that with you.
The builders are easing off and many of the Polish workers are heading off home. The Brazilians ,Indians and Chinese will be staying here. The Chinese are very crafty they don't celebrate Christmas or new year like the rest of the world. New year comes in February when they celebrate all the money we spent the 2 months before..The Chinese also know that after a few pints you must take an antidote, which is only found in Chinese food. Fooling aside the accupuncturist is the only man for a bad back. "I fix you.You have blocked egenery channel. If you not better, come back I treat you again free."
Conventional doctors treat the pain not the cause.

Take it easy ,wrap up warm. This madness will pass.

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