Sunday, December 31, 2006


2006 nearly over.

Time for a little downtime. I wonder where my good frend John is heading off to now.
Each year he heads off to Spain, Portugal or the Canaries until easter.
"Your a long time dead, don't leave it all for the taxman", he says.
He plays cards and golf for money and he plays to win!

The Turner water colours go on display in the National art gallery in Merrion Sq. The light is at its lowest now and it is a condition of the person who gave them to the nation that they can only be seen in Jan. The taking of the Christ by Carravagio is also in the gallery as are paintings byRenoir other impressionist paintings.

Rock chic, a display of rock guitars is on in Collins barracks. Rory Gallagher,Jimi Hendrix and many other guys who gave their parents sleepless nights are featured.

There is ice scateing in the RDS and in Smithfield. A Russian girl told me "I fell on the ice and got a wet bottom" The thing is in Russia it is so cold that the ice would never melt.
We complain about the weather here but we don't ever get 20 below and winters with little or no daylight. Nor do we die of thirst or roast in the endless sun. The flies in the Carribean or Africa bite and suck your blood day and night.

The other day I picked up 3 people.. "Were going to Bray first then out to Skerries. Turn off that fucking music and keep your eye on the road." His phone rang then and his mates told me to go to the Confession box in Marlborough st..When he finished his call he started again
" You were listening to my call...I have a good mind to give you a good thump." When we arrived at the pub he thought one of the smokers outside was looking at him and hopped out to start on him. His mates paid up with a "Never mind him".

Its all very well but he is one very sick person and it's people like him who find themselve in a coma or worse still put others into coffins. He was one to watch out for next time. People on drugs can seem perfectly normal when they are standing on the roadside. They are so dangerous.
We really do need the London type cab where you can lock them in the back. We had them a few years ago but the roads are so bad here and with them being so heavy they shook themselves to pieces.

Here's wishing you all the very best for 2007. Have a prosperous, healthy, happy and safe one.
If you do die,
That you may be in heaven an hour before the devil knows your dead.


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    you see the mistake you made was letting him tell you to turn off the music.. you should have told him to get the fuck out . or youll ram the mobile up his arse ... no uses a mobile in my cab ....

  2. Yes Adolf complete domination by the master race would be the solution.

  3. I am a follower of your blog since its inception.