Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A pass ! well sort of a pass

Today I went for the NCT and PSV licence renewal.
The car passed sort of..
They reckon that a tyre was put on the wrong way around.
Uniderictional tyre. Anyhow it didn't matter as the thread was lifting off the tyre.
News to me!
Back to the tyre man. "They don't know what there talking about, This is not a uniderictional tyre.. the other one on the rear left is and its on right"
So he didn't have a replacement tyre, come back tomorrow.

I met one of the lads from the Kesh there, had a few words.
When he was called out he was failed because the "Baile Atha Cliath" on his number plate had a scratch on it and his left beam was out of focus. While he protested the next lady was called out with the same left beam faulty..
He lost the plot and asked how could 2 cars turn out with the same fault at the same time. "Your instruments are faulty, thats whats wrong"

I don't know what happned as I was called out next BUT.

There is a guy who lives down the road and he works at the airport looking after the aeroplanes.
He has access to the tools and the gismos to test engine emissions. Well he brought his mothers car out and measured the emissions at the airport then off to the NCT where it failed? Now John did not want to take NO for an answer , without moving the car he rang NSAI who set the standards and issue certificates for the machienes which test the cars.
John spoke to one of his associates and explained that his mothers car had failed and it had passed on the airports tester. NCT were insisting he pay again, John said no way!
The guy from NSAI rang back the test centre and explained that the other machene had been checked and callibrated and if push came to shove they could send out some inspectors to check their equipment and they would be closed for the day.

The car was tested again and passed.

He told me since that his cars have since failed for other things. Nothing he could dispute though.

One thing that annoys me about the NCT is that there is only one company doing it.
If there was 3 or 4 companies doing the testing it would seem to be fairer.
They should be deregulated.

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