Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On the road again

Theese arches are on the road heading from Booterstown to Dalkey.
Well I don't know if my easy riders who were heading for Perth and Ciaro via Heathrow made it. It was foggy and short haul flights were being cancelled. I suggested the boat, then train to London.
They had time if they went to the boat there and then. But no "we'll check out the flights first" and no, they didn't see the news before they left for the a'port.
But yesterday I picked a couple who had been to Cairo, it rained and was cold.. they got food poisening..Most of the things that they had arranged were cancelled. It was a complete fiasco..No they hadn't booked it through an Irish operator, they booked it locally through the internet.
To cap it all they couldn't find a doctor who was open when they got home. Looks like these VHI medical centres will be doing a roaring trade after all, e81 to see a doctor. ( Not paid by VHI)
Theres a part in the Sunday Times travel section called "When holidays attack" I think my Egyptian travellers might win a prize.
Most returning visitors are glad to be back. A bit tired.
Back to the rear world on Monday. Metro back on the streets.( they were the first to take off) Then we on the northside will see how the port tunnel works out. The M50 will really be under pressure.

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