Sunday, January 07, 2007

speedy cabs

A Welsh taxi driver has been done for speeding at 420 MPH
That is a new land speed record!
He drives a 12 year old Vauxhall Cavalier. Not a Jumbo jet as he said himself.
He is disputing the charge.

London Cabby says "its herring days" when there was no money and you had nothing but herrings to eat.
It REALLY is bad, so slow in fact that I took out the old flash band to repair a leak in my roof. The old paint brushes will be coming out next.

But there is a time for everything. You have to put things in perspective, its not the end of the world,things will turn as they do. Its not like we had shops with high rents, gas bills,rents, insurance and stock to pay for and all the other shops selling for half price.

Life has a habit of giving you a good kick up the arse!

Two examples came to me today. The first on I was at the rank at Conolly station and had a few words with the guy in front.

Talked about how slow things were.

I buried my son three years ago this Christmas.
This was his taxi plate.
He was just getting onto his feet, feeding his wife and kids.

He was killed in Summerhill by a gang of thugs out joyriding.

I well remember that night I was working through the night that night myself.

I bought him the plate and set him up, he was only doing it for a year. I often blame myself because only for me he would have found another job and he might be alive today.

He retired from work and now works to support his grandchildren.

The scumbags had loads of warrents out on them(He gave me the figures but I don't remember) and the judge in his great wisdom figured that it was the garda's fault that they were out. He said that it was the states fault that this happned. Because they should have been in prison. The drivers of both cars died, The criminal drivers mother had to be brought from prison where she was doing bird, she had to give permission to turn off her sons life support machene.

The other lads got 7 years.
Thats only 3 years ago and I hear they are out.

Its a fucking joke.

He got a fare then, I hope it was a good one.

Later that day I tuned into the good old medium wave where I picked up Manx radio(Isle of man) On that station they read out the deaths.
They anounced the death of a young guy 20 who had collapsed and died of arythmia..Which is where the hart looses its rythym. It cannot be prevented, or be diagnosed.

His father was a doctor.

It is just something that happens.

My son was at a young guys funeral last month who had died at the wheel of his car. They reckon that it was a heart attack thought he too was only 20 ish as well.

So lets put our lives into perspective.

I Remember well, the day I picked up this balck guy with a terrable stutter...It was bad

IIIIII waaaannnttt ttttttoo ggg go tttt to RT RT RTE. ( our national broadcaster)

No problem Off we go.
Now I don't want to make him feel bad about his speech impedament, so I say. Why are you off to RTE, Is it to see the Late Late show?

Nnnnnooooo it it it its a a a jjjjjoooooobbbbb inininnitre inintervew.

A job interview, what is the job?

It tttit sssss frfrfrfor a newnwnwews readddder.

We were there then so I got paid and wished him luck.

There is a little soup kitchen down across from O'Briens in Donnybrook where the grub is good and they leave out the papers. So I went for my midday lunch.

I couldn't get him out of my mind, imagine 2000 Irelands first black newsreader!.

I was thinking how would he manage with the Irish language?

I pulled over to the Burlington rank, nothing moving...Back up to Donnybrook and who should I see but my frend out from the intervew.

So glad to see you I said pulling up.

How did it go. Did you get the job ?


I suppose we all have our sore spots!

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