Tuesday, March 06, 2007

M50 mayhem

Here is lovely Ringsend
The large office building has been ready for tennants for the last few years. The locals tell me that when it was built they did not "tank" the foundations. It is built on the banks of the Dodder and it is sinking and the underground car park is filling up with water. Experts say "knock it down"expensive mistake !.
Still if you live in Ringsend you could buy your chips from a Firrari.
Colin Farrell is building his new house just up the road.
I brought a guy down there one day and he was going on "where did all these appartments come from? Jeais I hardly know the place.
Have you been away?
yes I was away for 10 years.
Where were you?
Well if he had been away for 10 years it was Murder one.
You know he seemed a nice enough lad.

The M50 northbound has been at a standstill for at least 2 hours. There is a crash but no traffic management. Thank God I am at home.
I had a strange one on Dorset st. drunk guy stops and nearly falls into the car. I have to collect 4 alloy wheels here. So we load in a beautiful set of alloys with tyres into the car..Bring them to this address heres e50, you can keep the change and off he goes.
Now drunk is one thing but stupid as well is a terrible thing.
I know many drivers who would have driven off with the lot.
The fair was e18 and I said that their dad told me to keep the change but I would not take advantage of him, just give me back e20 I appreciate your honesty he said.
I won't say where it was but it would be considered to be a "bad" area. The tyres will not be on the car for 2 nights before they are gone.
Contrast that with the guy I brought out to Intel in Leixlip took him the quick route e28 not a cent tip. TIPS to insure prompt service ! Another good one is POSH when the brits were going to India the welthier one would put POSH on their cases.. Port Outward Starboard Home.

A frend phoned me last night. He had filled his diesel jeep with petrol.
He didn't start it and a guy is coming out to syphon the tank. e200 an expensive mistake.

Just a note to remind you all to slow down a bit Keith Barry the Irish magician was very lucky not to loose his leg in an accident at the weekend . He had to be cut from his car .He has several fractures in both legs and 2 fractures in his ankle. They allmost had to take the leg off, but the doctors in Norterhern Ireland know their stuff.
Hope he makes a full recovery as his career was just taking off.

Get well soon Keith.

Another bad smash on Stephens green this morning . a rear ender, top of the range Merc. A car that would weigh 2 tons shunted by a box van so hard that it hit the other car in front.
A shunt hurts really badly whiplash is really sore.
And then there's the truck and car on the M50 Car roof taken off.

Take it easy out there boys and girls.


  1. How is it on the roads on the 17th?

  2. One of the best days for taxi drivers.The city centre closes for a big parade then after celebrations they all need taxis home. www.stpatricksfestival.com or ie
    Come and march with one of the many marching bands.
    The Irish drunk driver is a myth!