Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sat .Night

On this posting I would like to share a few thoughts with you all.
Last night at the end of the shift I picked up 2 men and women going home. They had had a good night out as this was around 7am. First drop was at Donnybrook. Guy starts saying,here driver take this 50 give me back 20 and bring these people home.
All the usual banter giving him back the 50 etc and eventually he gets out.
I think it was an Audi with a great sounding engine. He walked to the car and got in.
No he's not going to drive.
Yes he did, with a roar like a Farrari he shot onto the road and headed towards UCD.
I blew my horn as he had not seen a drunk crossing the road.He avoided the drunk and gave us an exhabition of high speed driving.
The boys sitting in the front called him all the names under the sun while the girls in the back said he was really nice and if we really knew him we would not say such things.
So I brought everyone home and then went into Donnybrook Garda station.
I told the garda on duty the story and he looked at his watch.

This said it all, they were about to change shift and there would be no one to follow up the story for a while. But he would "do his best".

No one ever goes out with the intention of killing someone.
Perhaps if we slowed down we could avoid idiots like the guy last night.
Motorcyclists keep your lights on and slow down.
The flowers at the tree are where a Porsche turned right into the path of a biker.

The other photo shows the imprint of a car on a wall. 18 years old drink or drugs or both, the passenger had to be scraped from the wall on the opposite side of the road..
When I was young a real nice caring man brought me around his scrapyard to show me, not the wrecked cars but the wrecked lives.
You are starting off driving, I will show you this, its real and I am not trying to scare you, you can't teach or scare young people
Bent steering wheels, knees through the dashboard. bits of flesh on the bracket which holds the steering colum in place, hair and flesh on windscreens.
Blood on the headcloth of the car and a babys shoe.

Every one of these people would love if they could turn back their lives 10 seconds.
All the cars can be replaced,beautiful cars worth nothing.

Priceless lives lost or in ruins.

The road the undertaker goes has no road back.

I was back at his scrapyard a few years ago and his grandson is running it now.
They have fantastic Farraris, Porsches, BMWs and Mercs..I took some photos,they're not pretty.

The present boss has a Bentley The number is tin man or something like that.

Need a part. he's your man.

So don't let your life end in the scrapyard. Take the taxi home.

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  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Theres one born every minute..
    Sobering picture,I would not like to be the emergency crew attending the scene of that accident.