Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last tango in Paris

Limerick fans wait for a (Luas) tram to bring them to the train station. They were beaten by Cork who were then well beaten by Kerry.

A new look building in Northwood close to the airport,looks to me like the guy had a faulty level.

The Irish are out of the rugby world cup in Paris, beaten by Argentina the home country of the tango!
Sport is great when you are winning, but it really sucks when you are loosing.
Italia 90 they said "This side had no chance but they didn't listen. Look at them go"
So Jacks lads kicked up a fuss for a few years.

On Pearse st the other day I saw people getting on buses, didn't pass much remarks until they passed me out later."All blacks on tour, Irish supporters World cup 2007" All on the side of the buses. The New Zealand team are in with a more than half decent chance.
Their battle plans are well organized too.

Another world beater departed in France last week Marcel Marceau. I spoke to him once on the telephone years ago,he rang the apartment where I lived looking for Nancy from New York. Nancy was out"who is calling?" It was Marcel himself, I was going to his show the next night and he asked me to come backstage.
Security would not let anyone in so we never met.
I wonder what his last words were?

All nights can take you anywhere and Saturday night was hopping.
Of all the people I picked up 2 people stick in my mind. One girl was was with 2 guys in Ranelagh going to the airport.
We spoke about this and that, then she told me that this trip home was not the end of a chapter in her life.
It was an emergency trip home.
Hurried plans...Dublin to Frankfurt to Malaysia then to the Philippines,during the trip she told me that she worked in a nursing home. "Nursing homes are like any commercial enterprise you know.
They reduce staff and recruit the cheapest labor, the results are not the best".
I told her the old joke.
Look after your children. They will choose your nursing home!

I hold people like this in my prayers.

I hope things work out for you girl.

The other one was every drivers worst nightmare. A drunk Polish guy going to North circular road and Smithfield.As we drove off down Dorset St he started arguing that we should be going on the North Circular Rd(NCR). Stopping the car I persuaded him that I was right. On arrival at Smithfield he directed me into Blackhall Place..over the James Joyce bridge, up to James's St,through Pimlico,down by Dean St. Then I stopped the car when he asked me to go up to Christchurch again.
After much argy bargy I started driving again. Left Right Straight on Stopping at Mespil Rd. I guess he was looking for a hooker all the time, but it left me shaken,this silent stalker behavior would scare anyone.
With all that adrenalin pounding through my system I was shaking.
I must contact that self defence guy who gave me his card a few months ago he was a 6th dan,that is a very good grade, I suppose a drunken guy could not be so bad and he was in the front seat, not coming from behind.

Will post again soon, have to make a tax return.

An Irish traveller goes into a sports shop to buy a baseball bat.
Yes indeed says the salesman would this be a baseball bat for a wedding or perhaps its a baseball bat for a funeral.

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