Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Happy snaps

Sorry wrong city!

I wish I could find out why that blue tinge washes over my photos.

Its great to go away, but its better to be home again.

among the people at the convention was Armendo Lecuro who did the best "Matrix"I have ever seen, its where coins placed under playing cards vanish and appear under different cards.
In his talk he explained that it took him many years to perfect his art, it was truly a work of art to behold. He told us that once this wealthy business man asked him to heal his son who was very ill.
With a heavy heart he had to tell the man that the doctors would have the power but not him.
Still it shows you that money cannot buy you everything.
He is building a small magic theater in Singapore so look him up when you are over there in a few years.

One other notable thing was an award was made to the one person who has pramoted magic in the past few years, the winner was David Copperfield who joined us by satalite from the USA where he did a question and awnser session, good stuff it was.

He has outsold all entertainers in the world living or dead.

A bit of a workaholic for sure.

Then on Tuesday the Society of Irish Magicians held a get together to celebrate its founding 70 years ago!
John Archer did a turn and we had a bit of enternment.

This is a highly edeted virsion of his show, but you get the picture.

Hard to get into the groove of work again, our good and gracious leader sent us a letter telling us about all the wonderful things she has in store for us in the coming years.
Of interest to taxi driving,on the Joe Duffy radio show a female taxi driver from Galway told of being punched in the face by another taxi driver. This guy was brought to court fined and bound to the peace for a period of time. He has been convicted of supplying false information to obtain a taxi licence, he has a previouss assault conviction and yet he is still driving a taxi.. Why I wonder?

I have been up the Malahide Rd. a few times since I came back.
Passing the flowers where those people were killed....

walking on the footpath...

Drinking and driving has to stop..and not just for Christmas

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