Tuesday, April 27, 2010


"You think you have a problem with drugs, wait till crack arrives" So the American lady told me..Others have told me that as well.

Drugs in this city are a really big problem, hundreds of drug dealers selling death at Tara St. station in the morning, later on that mob move over to Liberty Halll.
Then up on Marlborough St around the Talbot St junction Its like "Needle Park"

I don't know why the Garda don't see them, this week they are making some effort, but without gas chambers and prisons there is very little that can be don effectivly.

On the other hand there are very few recovery beds for them even if they wanted to stop.

Shaun from the Netherlands said he had never seen anything like it.

"In Amsterdam we have drugs sure but Heroin being sold openly on the streets, no way"

The Polish guy the other day said the same, sure we have drugs, but not hard drugs sold openly on the streets."

Drugs are a form of fuel for crime, a prostitute who is on drugs is easy to keep.
All you have to do is keep her fix and she will do tricks.

I don't know the answer people who know a lot more than me don't know either.

I don't know why there are not ads on our TVs like this it might be money well spent.

Kiss your kids goodnight and say a prayer to your God.

Here is a gem of that ever so popular tune..

Did you notice Mary Black

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