Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The great evacuation

People wait for tickets, the staff were great, treated everyone well.
In normal circumstances there might be 4 people buying tickets.

Taxis waiting for the boat to come in.
Even though I was along way back I got a run into town.

Well that was a fine mess.

Ex President Bush wanted to invade Iceland. he said they were using weapons of mass disruption.
I feel myself that it was completely OTT. The time when a jet cut out from volcano dust it had flown directly into the plume of ash, after all when you are 100 miles from the volcano the density of the ash is much less.
There are volcanos all over the Pacific and planes just fly around the ash.

People headed off by boat and train. Dublin port was like Dunkirk with thousands looking for tickets out.

The coaches did a roaring trade. Paddywagontours and Eurolines...Bus to Moscow anyone?

But the hotels jacked up their rates x4 and screwed the stranded people.

I was advising one lady on how to get back to Norway, Dublin Holyhead, train to Harrich then boat to Holland then train home.
Those days of my youth with a Eurorail pass were not wasted.

I was amused when I saw the buses leaving for Hungary from Sean McDermot st. they had their travel plans well in hand and were moving forward while all around them panicked.
Things will take a long time to get back to normal, that is for sure.
I have been cleaning my own carpets with a carpet shampooing machine and it worked very well. They really can't be good for you when you see the filth that comes out when you steam clean them.
Whitney Heuston has come and gone...She said that it was the volcano dust that did for her voice..Perhaps she needs a bodyguard!

Did you see the cruise ship in the port the other day?
That IS the way to travel.

Ty Hardin I thought he was a singer, now thanks to YouTube I recall he was "Bronco Layne" Now there was a blast from my past.

I also found a whole load of old show opening tunes,Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke. Great memories in balack and white

But you shold know I was looking for Tim Hadin.
He was on the radio one night and I had a beautiful voice sing in harmony with him in the Scudo.
Not this tune. But I will never forget the voice of............ Enya.

Just looked a bit more and I think this was the song !

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