Saturday, April 03, 2010

Thanks to the taxi hero

A model poses with The book for Dublin..The picture of Dorian Greay By Oscar Wylde...and a great read it is too.
If you don't mind me saying . It is fantastic to see a normal person as a model. No more skinny Minnies with a pout that would scare the French.(Mabel aged 100)

Little Cezars near the Westbury

The Bretzel bakery in Lennox St. The only Kosher bakery in Dublin. Try the turnover.

Remember Rory Gallagher from Cork?
He has a street in Paris too !

Well done to the taxi driver who rescued a guy being kicked in Camden St in the early hours of Monday morning last..Was it you?
The person being kicked was a young Garda and he wants to thank the driver. He is stationed in Kevin St. The thing is he feels that he could have been kicked to death without your intervention.
He thinks as well that he recognized 2 of his attackers.
So if it was you go down to collect your medal !
I had a cousin who was kicked in Hull, a great kid. He spent months in a coma and has never reached 50% of the lad he was.
I know it is dangerous to stop these louts, but the price my cousin paid was immense.
Well done for stopping.

I am at home I went out and drove around for 2 hours without being able to pick up a fare.
Not another thing! The flecking cat just bit me, I suppose he will come round in an hour or so. Feck him !
Look with the milk in the laptop, the strap on my watch broken, the mark on my car costing e320 to fix and everything else I will go to bed!
At least if I go by myself it will cost me nothing.

I did give this to you before as an example of what can go wrong. Didn't I?

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