Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Philo

Phil Lynotts statue bedecked in flowers for his birthday 63 he would have been

The glass house once the home of the Billion euro house.

Pep talk outside Karen Millen shop. Staff are so well dressed.

Graffiti becomes art

Leaving cert results are out and boys and girls, it doesn't really matter what marks you got.
It comes down to how you can live your lives for the future that counts,

The youth of today are brave, they drive without fear, some take chances,then they meet the unexpected.*************
Last week a Mother in Crumlin buried her 3 sons killed in the same car crash.
Whatever happened who was wrong or in the right you have to feel for the family.

A trip through a scrap yard should be compulsory for all learner drivers, just to let them see that a moments lapse of thought could do. Perhaps it would save lives.

Slow down boys and girls, you will die soon enough.

Yesterday on the Clontarf road a car hit the back of another, which tipped the taxi in front of that.
What a mess!
They must have been there for the best part of an hour taking details from each other.
Hurt or not we will all be paying for that
But there was little or no damage done.

I picked up a lady the other day and I remembered her. Dr Jo from the Caribbean.
She had told me about a strange thing that happens on her island.

Drugs are a problem everywhere,even on a small Paradise like Island.
There are many holiday homes on the island which are empty most of the time.
The houses are looked after by agents and checked over from time to time.
Now the drug dealers hide drugs in the houses or in the grounds of these houses.
The problem comes when the houses are rented and the new people throw out the drugs.
Then the dealers arrive and want their goods back.

Storms at sea has forced in the first of the tall ships, the rest will be arriving early for the big festival of the tall ships in Dublin port this weekend.

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