Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sand scuptures in Dublin Castle

How do you like the new look?
Its all go with HailO.

These are so good it is hard to believe that they are just made from wet sand.

Underneath Dublin Castle there is a maize of tunnells. The other night 2 men with a ladder went down into the drainage system. This alerted a full emergency response with dogs, divers and armed police entering the network of tunnels.

Some people say nothing at all as they ride along in a taxi others will amuse and inform you with the depth insight and scope of their knowledge.
The business man who hopped into the taxi in Donnycarney was definitely the latter.
He had been working in the construction business before the big bang.
He employed up to 15 men working on different projects.
He discussed the problems with keeping a fleet of vehicles on the road, tools and chasing contracts.
But from Wednesday until Friday morning there was big pressure.
I had to have at least €15,000 in cash to pay the men.
Then there were other bills coming through all the time.

But I was making good money.

My wife is fantastic, I wanted to buy a boat and a better car but she made me pay off the loans I had first.

Then one day a guy who had given me a few of my biggest jobs met up with me and told me that there was trouble coming down the line, there would be no more work coming my way and the jobs I was working on now would be reduced, I went from 9 vans and 4 trucks to 1 van and 1 truck 15 men lost their jobs, 15 homes with no incomes.

But I got up from my knees and after a wobble I got going again.

I am working in external wall insulation now.

Business is growing and we are doing good work,

Good work gets you more work I always say.

My brother in law drives a taxi and my sister rang me to lend her some money to pay their mortgage.
I know it was really hard for her to ask me for that money and I feel bad that she had to ask me. But I wouldn't let her down.

So I drove out to the airport to meet my brother in law who was playing cards in the taxi holding area. He sits there for 2 or 3 hours in that canteen playing cards between jobs.

My sister in law is working at 2 jobs and she can't make up the bank payments,yet he dosen't seem to care.

I feel bad for her and I am angry at him, at least you are out on the road chasing work, he is just sitting around getting fatter by the day.

But if you don't keep chasing the work it won't come to you.

Do you ask them if they need a taxi back to the airport when they are going home again?
Did you give them a map?.I hope you carried in their bags and held the door open for them.
Here's my number if you get stuck or if need to know something just call me up.

I myself have a load of people who ring me up when they need a taxi, or a plumber, or an electrician. They know if I don't have one I will know where a good one will be found.

I wouldn't call my customers friends, but they become more than customers as time passes.

I met the same beauty therapist from Poland yesterday that I had met a few weeks ago, the one with the beautiful sun tan, well she owns the salon and a healthy tanned look is all part of the experience, she had her baby son with her.
Polish children have a wonderful blond hair just like Irish kids.
She is a wonderful happy person.

I also met a gentleman from Ethiopia, Mr Tebgshaw Mengistu. He works for Diageo and he told me that he would put me up if I ever came to Addis Ababa. He told me that it was part of their custom to make travelers welcome in their homes. The people from that country are quire tall and are great long distance runners. The women are also very tall and graceful.
Have a look here then you have to be a good runner yourself to catch one of them.

You have to remember that visitors are like fish soup.
If they are there for more than 2 days they stink and need to be thrown out.

So there you are Enjoy this magic feature.

Magic is one of my great loves.

For magic to work it must have pauses, mystery and wonderful sense of occasion.

Here is Simon Drake to illustrate my point very well.

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