Tuesday, August 14, 2012

15 th Dublin horse Show opens

Ancient fire pump

New venture on Georges St


What killed the cat?

Tee shirt print, any chance to make a bob

Well the Dublin Horse Show opens today.
This occasion is a big date in the social calender of a lot of people.
Then on the 25th the "Tall Ships" will be sailing into our fair city.
I was told to stand on the Bull Wall to see them coming in.
There are things happening all the time, but I won't compete with the "Whats on websites"

Some people are saying that HailO is not for them, fair enough now there will be more work for me. I looked at my bank statement at all the credit card jobs that have been paid I am more than €400 up. That is credit card work I wouldn't have had but for HailO.

I have been painting. Not landscapes or portraits but walls ceilings and doors.
Every muscle in my body is sore, but when it is finished it will be great.

I needed work done to my castle, I rang around for tradesmen, I had 4 who came to assess the job. (Hard times and all that)

One came back with a price, cash job 4 figures.

No one would provide me with a written quotation with tax and VAT.

Still that's how the world works, everyone pays as little tax as they can.

It seems like no one wants to work even for cash !

Has a plumber ever said to you "That's €360 for cash or €480 with a receipt"
Perhaps it was an insurance claim and with the excess that they charge from the insurance company you might as well have not had insurance in the first place.

So what has this got to do with taxi driving?

Nothing really ! Perhaps I have too much time on my hands.

I was in a few second hand shops today. CDs for €1 each.
There is great value in clothes as well.
Pictures for the wall are very cheap.

Still in little over 2 weeks the schools go back.
Normal life might return.

At least we are above the sod for another day !

Did I tell you I had a fantastic looking "girl" in the car the other day it turned out SHE was a He but was working towards obtaining the full "S".
This is the second transvestite I have picked up in a while.
It throws me when it happens. I picked up 6 girls once, they were the lady boys of Bangkok and they were fantastic, laughing and so beautiful.I can't remember where we finished up.
I should have never sold the Fiat Scudo.

Six seats of fun.

Perhaps I am going Grey or Gay.

So tomorrow is another different day.

Lets hope it will be a special day for you.

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