Monday, January 21, 2013

Black Monday

In case you didn't know this was "Black Monday" when all the bills from Christmas land on your mat.
I hadn't got it so I didn't spend it.

Sunday brought Hollywood to the Savoy cinema for the Premiere of Lincon the movie.
Daniel day Lewis, Stephen Spielberg and all the stars were out. When you look in the news and the papers they seem to have spent a lot of time outside hugging the fans.
Something like this lifts the mood of the people.
"Give them Circuses" is what they said in ancient Rome.

                          Beautiful winter scene in Tallagh.

Anyhow a little bit of snow helps people into taxis, and we had another flurry today.

                  Party eyelashes !

                   No matter which way "I stand" Isle of Man

                        The boxes climb back up the stairs to the darkness of the attic.

Sometimes you are going along . Just minding your own business and circumstances take an unusual turn.
You didn't start it and you cannot stop it for sure.

Warning this may offend you.

 Really good street magic

Yes its getting really close to the time for the Blackpool magicians convention

Look what the man from Urlingford can do with a €5 note

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