Friday, January 18, 2013

Bring on the rain, wind, sleet and storms

             A nesting area inside the new Mater Hospital
             I am nearly old enough to buy a "Gold Wing"

          This is the the interior of the new Terminal 2 at Dublin airport.

So I woke up this mornin' (an old blues song)
Turned on my hailo app and got a call in 2 seconds!
Then when I dropped them off it went off again in seconds and so on until I had 6 calls clocked up to HailO. One couple were coming from the Stillorgan Rd into Capel St. They had abandoned their car and they sure had made the right decision there. When you know the correct route straight on through the end of Stephens Green and down to the 4 courts via Christchurch. Its a breeze. Bus lane nearly all the way.
The traffic was static from Brewery Rd

As my Daddy said "Whats seldom is wonderful"

I had few people that I look after, they call me up I collect. I give no discounts and they appreciate the service and often tip well.
Poor Patrick who never books was stuck today I was in Dundrum he was in Clontarf and late for work.He told me once that other taxi companies were giving 20%discount.
"Patrick ! use them" He did and missed his flight to Greece much to his cost.
You see if you are booked you have to be in the area around an hour before the job and take no other work for 40 mins. before the appointed time.
On Leeson St Lr one time I was going to a place which sold big cups of soup. I was waiting for my run.
A really special lady who now lives in America.
The Aircoach stop had around 9people waiting. There was a road closure on O'Connell St..
As I was walking past the stop I told them that as there was a road closure in O'Connell St. therefore the Aircoach may not come. But if they got into a van (which I had) they would get to the airport cheaper and on time.
Tell the driver to go up Gardner St.(Pre port tunnel it was. )
They looked at me like sheep. "Just telling you !"Then one guy said "Will you bring us?"
Sorry I am waiting for a client who has booked me to collect her.
One old guy did not believe me and had "its a  con" all over his face..So I crossed over the road.
The more pro active guy stopped an 8 seater and loaded everyone in.
Oh my! when I came out with my soup the last guy had stopped a taxi and had to pay the full fare to the airport by himself, while the others could split the cost by 8

Such is life., But people amaze me, taxi driver robs a customer and the customer complaind to the next honest taxi driver that he paid twice the cost for that journey last week.
Then he walks off from the honest driver without even a 20C tip.

Is there Karma?
I hope so.
For that girl who resigned from her job because of how another girl was being treated.
Then she set up on her own and took on the other girl.
A short time later the girl whom she rescued left and took 1/2 her friends clients with her

Oh Dear,

I do hope there is Karma   Good Karma

There are a lot better versions of this song, much better than in the movie.
Not the best version, but better than the movie.

But boys and girls God bless the Tesco checkout operator from Ballyfermot.


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